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there are two conditions you must meet to use Strike permits.
first:         you must have strike permits
second:  you must be in a battle but your fleet is not fighting at the moment

                (you are in the Queue)

and of cours you can only use them in System Battle.

How to use Strike Perrmits

-click 1 (arrow at the upper left side of the battle screen)

-click 2 (tactic button)

-click3 (red or green dot on the little map)

-click the button that appears besides the dot you clicked

 [ red= enemy or neutral Outpost ->jumping

 green= outpost of your faction ->retread]

if you click on one of the two tabs (A) it will show you the name`s of enemys/allies in the Queue

its always good to know who is attacking/defending an outpost ;)

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