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how to get a "stronger" fleet


only your Flagship can use skills.
all other ships only use standard attacks (based on the damage value of the ship)

all ships besides the flagship should have two Antiproton Turret´s ( or stronger weapons)
to get there Damage as high as possible.


the best Officer for the flagship is Clay, because you get + 30 energy at the start of battle. you should also try to get the "Energy Restore" skill with him( at least the +5 one)
all Officer´s in the front row should get armor and/or shield skill ( Armor is better)
you should also try to get "Chun Yi Yuen" in the ship that is getting attacked first (her skill is really helpful in boss battle)


upgrading chips is a good way to make your fleet stronger.
so always do Trial and if you cant progress anymore in Trial then "Reset" and do it again you should not waste any of your Trial Resets
use all of them every day.
also Recycle the chips that you don´t need to get some extra chip fragments.
the first thing you should do is getting 6 Lv 6 Laser chips in your Flagship to boost your skill damage.
after that upgrade Armor chips for your Front Row ships.


now some basic stuff about damage/skill damage, since i often see people in the forum that do it wrong.
first of all your skill damage is based on the damage value of your flagship.
so many people calculate there skill damage like this:
ship damage * skill %
lets just say your ship damage is 10.000 and you use Antiproton Storm at 5/5 (350%)
then it would look like this
10.000 *3,5 =35.000 but that is wrong
the right formula is:
10.000 + (10.000*3,5)=45.000 or 10.000 + 350%

what should we get from this?
well our skill damage in this game is really high and even an little  bit higher damage value of your flagship will greatly increase your skill damage.
meaning your main priority should be to increase the damage of your flagship.


getting points in SB (neutral Outpost´s)
if if you use a skill like APP you can destroy the enemy fleet really fast but the problem is that you wont have enouge energy to use skill´s against the next enemy fleet, so you will take a lot of damage from it.
so its much better to use a skill that dos not need much energy but that is damaging multiple enemy.
the best skill for that is "Rapid Shot" since it only needs 35energy hence you can use it at the start of every enemy wave and deal damage to the  front row of the enemy fleet(3 ships) if the damage value of your flagship is high enouge you can even destroy those 3 ships with it.
so only 3 enemy ship can fire at you meaning your ships take less damage per enemy wave, because of that you can destroy more waves before you die and that means you get more points.

getting points in Boss battle
well there are many ways to do that so its best to tryout different stuff and see what works best for you :)
but there is one really easy thing you can do to get a few more point.
the shield of the boss is lowering our damage so if you wait with your attacks until his shields are down you will do a little bit more damage ;) 

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