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Moving Colony Step by Step

-go to the colony you want to move
-click 1 (Levitating)
-click 2 (OK)
 (if you don´t have a "Levitation permit", click (3) and start again at 1
-move your fleet to the planet, you want to move your colony to
 (if the Icon, yellow rectangle, is red then click 3 and attack,
 if it is an enemy faction colony click "occupy")
-click 3 (click on planet ant then Details)
-click 4 (Colonize)
-click 5 (click on Planet and then Move Base)
-click 6 ( mark the colony you want to move)
-click 7 (move base)
Moving colony for free
Its pretty easy just erase every one from the def. list of the colony you want to move and then ask an KDF player to occupy this colony.
after the cd you can move the colony to a new planet.(starting with "-move your fleet to the...")
this way you don´t have to waste credits (100) for levitating permits.

colonies in sector 1 and 2 cant be attacked so you cant move them for free 

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