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one time credit rewards

getting 3 Stars in all systems of a Sector is rewarded with credits you can get the reward in every Sector only 1 time

every 10 Level you can claim a reward in [Event] -> [Level gift pack]

you can also claim a reward at Level 75 ;)


monthly credit rewards "Sign In"

there are always credit card rewards in this event so don´t miss them

and you also get a credit point card for the 28th Sign In (400cr)


Daily Credit Rewards

getting 40 points in Daily Score is rewarded with 20cr you can also get 20cr from "Online Supply"


other ways to get free credits

you can buy credit point cards(10cr) in the Arena shop for 60 arena points the refresh of the shop page costs 10 points so if you have a good amount of those points you can just hit Refresh until a Credit point card shows up

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